BackdoorCTF 2018

BackdoorCTF is the annual flagship CTF competition conducted by SDSLabs and InfoSecIITR. With top teams from ctftime.

You can find the local start time in your city here

Join #backdoorctf on IRC freenode for any queries

We encourage you to post writeups.
Here is a guide for the same.

Hint has been released for challenge CCSSL.
Due to fault of services on our end, we are extending the deadline by 1 hour.
All challenges have been added. No more new challenges will be added now.
All netcat challenges are up now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
All netcat service challenges are down at the moment, we're working on it. Try working on other challenges at the moment.
A new challenge ARRAY-LIST has been made added.
New challenge added
All netcat services are up