weekly challenges 2021 - week1

Beginner friendly weekly challenges - binary exploitation basics

We encourage you to post writeups.
Here is a guide for the same.

  • Members must log in this site to register for backdoor
  • Participation is in the form of teams with a maximum limit of 5
  • The competition is a 24 hour contest
  • The competition requires you to find flags to gain points
  • The flag is of the format CTF{some_string}.
  • Participant is supposed to submit SHA256 of the above flag (including CTF part).
  • Sharing/Exchanging flags with other users is not permitted. Posting solutions/discussing online and ruining it for others is again not acceptable. This contest was primarily made for people to have fun and learn.
  • This challenge does NOT give participants any legal permission to exploit backdoor.sdslabs.co.
  • Directly Bruteforcing the flag is not in the interest of the game and should not be done.
  • For when individual problems are concerned, follow the rules mentioned in the problem (if any).
  • You can chat with the problem setters at chat.bckdr.in.
  • Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed under general legal framework.
  • For further enquiries mail us at [email protected]